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Welcome to the website!! This website gives you an insight into Knee surgery. As you are aware Knee Arthritis is one of the most common conditions affecting patients all around the world. According to a lot of scientific studies Knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful surgeries. It changes the Quality of life completely and immensely improves mobility.

I operate across entire spectrum of knee surgery; from sports injury in young patients to Knee replacement surgeries in the elderly, with a specific expertise in the latter. For the past 15 years, I have exclusively been practicing Knee Replacement Surgeries. 

Each patient is a different individual and hence my treatment is tailor made for each one of them. I believe that specific treatment be given to all the patients. My 15 years of consolidated experience in Knee surgery helps me to fulfil this goal of “Individual patient care.”

Total Knee Replacement
Partial Knee Replacement
High Tibial Osteotomy
Revision Knee Replacement

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