How long is the Recovery time after the operation?

A: Generally after the operation, same evening or next day one can get out of the bed a walk a few steps. This is supervised by a physiotherapist. As soon as the patient gets strength back one can start going up and down stairs.

So, a few days after the operation one is able to walk around in the room and corridor, use the washroom, sit and rise from the chair etc.. then the patient is ready to go home.

How long is the bed rest needed after the operation?

The bed rest is not at all necessary.  One must be careful for first 4 to 6 weeks in walking around in the house and surroundings. A gentle physiotherapy / Rehabilitation protocol is followed. It is expected of the patient to do those simple exercises twice a day.

How long does the Knee Implant last?

The implants used now a days are likely to last for 15 years approximately. The latest newer Implants that have been introduced are expected to last even longer, may even 20 to 30 years.

However after the operation it depends upon the use of the implant and activity level individually.

Can I sit down on the floor after the operation?

Nowadays High flexion Knee implants are available which if appropriate can be used in the patients. It is then safe to sit cross legged.

Which is the ideal age for undergoing the operation?

Age is merely a number. If clinically indicated and medically the patient is fit, this operation can be carried out at any age. The pre-operative tests are evaluated by a physician / cardiologist as needed. Once the patient gets this “fitness” then only operation is performed.

If patient has any medical illness, can they undergo the operation?

There is no such medical contra indication to a knee surgery. Medical conditions like Diabetes, High Blood pressure, asthma, By-pass operation are common now a days, once the patient has gone through all the medical tests and are deemed fit, there is no problem to undergo the operation. The healing time and recovery of the knee is exactly the same.

What are the limitations after the knee replacement Operation?

Social and religious custom of squatting is to be avoided after the surgery. One needs to use a commode or a chair fitted over Indian type toilet.

Low impact activities like walking, cycling, swimming etc are ideal. Jogging & other high impact exercises are to be avoided.