best knee replacement hospital in mumbai
Deepak Dagli - 72 Years

My Left Leg Joint Knee started deteriorating in Year 2015 and I was advised to undergo TKR surgery for Left Knee by two expert surgeons following my specific complaints of severe pain in left knee leading to difficulty in walking & turning sides on bed. In line of professional advice & recommendations from my Family Doctor & Relatives, I finally decided to undergo TKR surgery on Left Knee this time from Dr. Ashit Shah at Advanced Multi Specialty Hospital.

I have sincerely no regrets for choice made by me as Dr. Ashit Shah did brilliant job to my entire satisfaction. After surgery & physiotherapy sessions adviced by him, my left knee was functioning perfectly normal in matter of just few days. I would highly recommend Dr. Ashit Shah to all patients wanting to undergo TKR surgery for Joint Knees.