Dr. Ashit Shah with Robotic Knee Replacement Machine

Introducing the most advanced technological solutions to provide the best care for your knees, we are proud to offer a Robotic Arm specifically designed for precise Knee Replacement Surgeries. The Robot, powered by next-generation artificial intelligence, provides the most advanced surgical solutions for your knee joints because every knee deserves only the best.

Dr. Ashit Shah has exclusively performed advanced conventional Total Knee Replacement surgeries for the past two decades, with a near 100% patient satisfaction rate among the 10,000+ patients he has treated over the years.

The conventional knee replacement surgery has been the standard of care and a trusted surgical option for anyone undergoing Knee Replacement or Partial knee replacement surgery.

Now, as technology advances, we are offering the latest and most advanced robotic arm for higher precision, ensuring accurate bone cuts that lead to better implant placements and limb alignments, resulting in an overall faster return to normal life.


Robotic Knee Replacement or Partial Knee Replacement does not mean that the robot does the complete surgery, or that the surgeon is away from the patient on a separate console.

In Robotic Knee Replacement surgery, the surgeon utilizes a robotic arm which only ASSISTS your surgeon in making precise bone cuts, one of the main steps of your surgery, allowing single-degree and sub-millimeter precision which would not be possible through conventional systems.

The Robotic Knee Replacement surgeon in Mumbai performs all the other critical steps and then takes the help of the robot for bone cuts. This innovative approach to Total Knee Replacement in Mumbai ensures the highest level of precision and care for your knees.


Precise and accurate execution of the resurfacing of the bone

The Robotic arm helps execute the bone cuts in an accurate manner and gives a smooth and perfect surface for the application of the implants.

Near Normal/Anatomical and precise implantation of your NEW knee joint

Due to perfect bone cuts and having anatomical alignment of your limb, the robotic technology allows perfect implantation of the new joint implants by your surgeon.

Real-time feedback is given to your surgeon at every step of the robotic surgery

At all times during the surgery, the high-speed precision cameras in the robotic system track the alignments and movements of the limb allowing your surgeon to constantly check and verify every step he performs. This helps in better outcomes for the patient and accurate surgeries.

Quicker Surgery

The robotic-assisted surgeries have been shown to be slightly faster than conventional surgeries allowing lesser surgical time and lesser time for the patient under anesthetic medications

Reduced Blood Loss and Smaller Incisions

Due to smaller incisions and the lesser invasive nature of the robotic surgery, there is lesser overall blood loss and thus lesser requirement of supplemental blood which has its own advantages.

Reduced Complications and Reduced Infection rates.

Thanks to the smaller incisions and quicker surgical times there are lesser reported infections and complications.

Reduced Soft tissue damage and post-surgical pain

Pain in patients of knee replacement surgery arises in most parts from the soft tissue handling and dissection during surgery. Thanks to robotic technology there is a substantial reduction in soft tissue handling which directly translates to lesser pain.


Owing to the smaller incisions, lesser invasiveness, and lesser pain, the rehabilitation and mobilization of the patient is started immediately post-surgery which leads to shorter rehabilitation phases and the patient can return to normal life activities sooner.

Reduced Hospital Stays

Smaller incisions, accurate alignments, and lesser pain all eventually lead to a happier patient and a shorter hospital stay.

Improved Implant Longevity

The implants are placed in near anatomical/natural positions which leads to precise alignments and decreased wearing out of the prosthetic implants thereby increasing the life of the implants.

Improved quality of Life

At techKNEEque, we are along with you at every step of the way right from your consultation till the day you leave the hospital with a smile and at every subsequent follow-up. Every patient is carefully evaluated by Dr. Ashit Shah himself and all options for treatment are evaluated. If it is mutually decided to go ahead with a knee replacement surgery, and you are a candidate for robotic surgery those options are also discussed with the patient and their family.


“… I had one knee operated 10 years ago with a standard procedure, but this time I underwent ROBOTIC surgery for my other knee and all i can say is thank you to this new technology…”

Dr Menon

“…Undergoing the latest ROBOTIC knee replacement surgery with Dr Shah has been a great experience and I have returned to going to my shop daily in no time…”

Mr Rana

“…I was walking without any support on the same day after my ROBOTIC knee replacement and felt so confident and independent…”

Mrs Desai