Knee replacement surgeries are one of the most common and most successful surgeries performed in the world.

After the surgery and rehabilitation are completed, your knee should have a range of motion of 100 to 120 degrees. This is adequate for our daily activities.

With your new and replaced knee, you shall be able to resume the activities which you were unable to do before surgery, with minimal or no pain. Most people after the surgery can complete their daily activities without any problems.

You can resume your job once you are fit. Most people can enjoy recreational walking, swimming, driving, light dancing and stair climbing.

You can also travel overseas easily without any difficulty.

Complete recovery takes nearly 3-6 months.

Total or Partial Knee Replacement surgery is a surgery which improves the Quality of Life of all the patients suffering and this is one which should not be avoided in case you are suffering from Arthritis.

Your implants generally last 10-15 years before the prosthesis wears out. If this happens, they can be replaced again by a Revision Knee Replacement Surgery.