Generally, for a total knee replacement surgery, there are various options in the design of the knee Implant. The knee implants are designed to have a proper fit on the lower end of the femur ( thigh bone) and an upper end of the Tibia (leg bone).

Today Knee replacement designs have focused on different size and shape options designed for women and men as both of them have different bone sizes and dimensions. It is important to fit an accurate size implants while performing the operation so that one can have the best results. The options available today are from small, narrow to the largest ones. These help SURGEON to put appropriate size knee implants in short, average built, Tall slender, hefty, Oriental, Caucasians, Africans, Asian population with the same ease.

The Best Fit For The Best Result

The knee implants are designed to allow you most of the movements of daily living like walking, standing, going up and down stairs, getting in and out of a car, travelling by public transport i.e. bus trains etc..

Some of the special implants if used ( when properly indicated and executed)  allows full bending of the knee allowing patients to perform activities such as sitting cross-legged, sitting on the floor, performing Yoga and religious activities.

The perfect sizing and the fit of the implant has to be done. If the implants goes beyond the margins of the bone it pinches on the soft structures like ligaments and the muscles.

There are various implants namely fixed bearing and mobile bearing designs. Depending upon patient demographics and needs, Surgon’s familiarity with the implants the Surgeon finally chooses which is the best implant for that patient.

After making appropriate bone preparation whist at the Surgery, the perfectly sized knee implant is fixed to the native bone by a Highly specialized chemical known as Poly methyl methacrylate ( bone cement).

All Poly
Sigma Total Knee System
Opulent - Gold Knee
Oxinium (Ceramic Knee)
Mobile Bearing (High Flexion)
Revision Prosthesis
UKR (Half Knee)